January 13, 2023

Common sense dictates that in order to prepare for a road race like a 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon one must run a significant number of miles as practice. Many athletes who have chosen to undertake an event like this would probably tell you this method of training was reality for them. These same athletes might also tell you about the myriad of injuries they had to overcome just to get to the starting line in “race shape”. What if there was a better way to do things that reduced the chances of injury and actually left you in better shape to finish the race?


The largest problem with running enough to prepare for a running race is how much wear and tear all that running has on your body. Knees, ankles and feet often take the brunt of the damage resulting sore knees, twisted ankles, and battered feet that slow your training progress. They can even pop up on race day, ruining your race. The solution to this problem is to eliminate as much of the running in your training as possible.


When preparing for a race the goal is to have your body ready on race day and there is nothing that says the only way to get there is to run, run and run some more. Instead, there are many types of training to help you prepare for race day and varying different training styles, like resistance training, swimming, rucking, or jump roping, along with periodic running can push your body closer to your goal without all of the wear and tear.

Over time, your body gets the training it needs to be ready. More importantly, you can keep the mileage down on those knees, ankles and feet. That way you will be fresh and ready to run the race when the day comes. If you are interested in having Corax Strength and Performance help you prepare for an upcoming race please reach out to us here or check out our digital offerings through TrainHeroic.