January 13, 2023

Any runner with experience would tell you that the best way to prepare for a big run is to start running and run a little more every week until race day. The only problem with this program is that most people get hurt before the race or they show up on race day under prepared. Here is how we can avoid that fate in exchange for something better.

It is not often that you meet someone who can say they have run a half marathon without running a single mile in preparation for the big day and these criteria are even harder to find once you narrow the field to people aged 40+. One of these rare cases happened at Corax Strength and Performance in the last three days and it can be the reality for those who are willing to take a chance on a better way of doing things.

Meet Judy. Judy is a 50 year old mother of four with five grandchildren who just three days ago tackled the challenge of a RunDisney Virtual Half Marathon and crushed it. In preparation for this race she did not run a single mile and had no injuries to speak of. How did she do it? Read on.


We started by building Judy’s strength throughout her entire body with regular resistance training and after a short period of time many of her existing minor tweaks in her knees and pains in her back faded away. They were replaced with the strength needed to carry her body through the race ahead and this newfound strength also served to protect her from picking up new injuries along the way.


After we created a good base by developing Judy’s strength we started to add to her workouts to build her endurance. Now, after completing her normal weightlifting she would tackle a hike, bike ride, row, etc. which would push her development forward. The key to building endurance in this way is to find things you enjoy doing and use them to build on each other. In this case, one of our primary tools was a ruck, or walking quickly with a weighted back pack, which we would progress by adding distance to the walk, adding weight, etc. Every week doing a little more then the last but doing something different.

Three days ago a woman no more superhuman than you or I did something many would consider to be only attainable only to a freak athlete by running a half marathon with ease after not running a single mile in preparation. All because she was willing to buck the status quo and try something different. She was well beyond prepared for the race and without injury on race day. There is no reason others could not benefit from the same type of training and see similar results.

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