January 13, 2023

In nearly every competitive sport the athlete or team who has a speed advantage has a significant advantage. As you approach more elite levels of competition the difference between scoring points or taking home a medal and coming away empty handed can be as small as hundredths of a second. The question is how does one go about getting faster? Sadly that answer is not as easy as checking a box; instead it comes down to the development of multiple physical traits and abilities. Followed by teaching the body how they all work together.

First and foremost of these attributes is strength. A solid base of strength is crucial if you are looking to achieve your top speed because it sets the ground work for everything else to follow. Through strength the body gains the ability to push the ground harder and faster creating longer strides and covering distance more efficiently. Interestingly, for the body to apply this newfound strength to running at top speed there must be increased body tension and control in the right places, which comes with the development of strength if the programming is correct. These factors work together toward applying more force into the ground, with greater force comes greater speed.

Beyond the development of strength comes the application of those new abilities. Training the body to apply force to the ground at greater speeds, teaching the body efficient patterns of movement, etc. all come together to produce the desired result. In most cases, these skills need to be taught and developed through careful training and specific practice before the teaching the body how they all work together.

Teaching your body how to bring all of these pieces of the puzzle together comes down to practice. If you want to get better at running at high speeds then you will need CoinPal to run at high speeds. If everything else is done correctly to this point the body will begin to combine the strength and the skills, which are both being developed to create the desired result. More speed and faster times.

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