January 13, 2023

As it is with many things training is almost always more effective when working with someone else. Working out together can have large scale benefits that often start with competition, camaraderie and commitment within the group. These qualities can help to bring out the best of each member of the group by pushing each other further than they would have gone alone.

In almost any group there is some level of competition. Whatever size the group, the people in it will typically work harder to compete with the others. In a training group, each member has their own strengths and weaknesses and most often the strength of one individual causes the other to improve a corresponding weakness. In order to be sustainable, this atmosphere of competition should be one of “friendly competition” where individuals work hard to keep up with or surpass each other while celebrating the successes of all group members.

This is where camaraderie comes in. Training together can have the power to bring people together. Friendships and trust formed under a bar or behind a sled can be life changing. It can also help to motivate us toward future success. Training groups often turn into friend groups and in some cases family groups and gathering to train turns from what might be viewed as a necessary evil into a gathering of friendship and support. This effect is often easily witnessed on youth athletics teams where kids of different walks of life often go from acquaintances to life long friends in the span of six months or less.

Love and support from each other leads us to commitment. As we build relationships within a group we begin to set expectations for ourselves and each other. While it may be easier to skip a workout if you are going by yourself it is much harder to let down the expectations of a training partner or better yet a team of peers. Thus we tighten our level of commitment to ourselves to support that which we have garnered from others in the group.

In essence having a partner or team behind you and around you is almost always better than working alone. The benefits of finding a group to train with can be life changing. At Corax Strength and Performance we firmly believe in the power of a team and that is why we choose to work with small groups of individuals who can support each other and challenge each other to greater success.

For more information on training in a small group atmosphere please feel free to reach out to us through our Contacts or by calling 615-651-1408.