January 13, 2023

It seems like, every turn of the year brings a desire or hope for change in people around the world. We look for change in the world around us, in our relationships, in ourselves, etc. For many this growing desire for change leads us to form promises or goals for change that we can effect, often called a New Years Resolution.

For some, a well constructed resolution can be a major turning point in their lives. Sadly, more than 80% of individuals who choose to take on a new years resolution will fail in the first two months. Those who do make it through February are most likely the ones with well crafted resolutions. Though these lucky few have the best odds few of them will actually achieve the lasting change they are looking for.

There are many articles across the internet with their own ideas on why such a large percentage of participants fail. Simply search “New Years Resolution Fail” and there are endless options from just as many sources. The more important question, however, is why do some succeed and what makes those who do succeed different from those who fail.

The simple answer, those who reach their desired resolution have a combination of three factors. First, and most important, is a well crafted resolution. Second, the determination to succeed. Third, a bit of luck.

A well crafted and thought out resolution takes time and planning. It must be a reasonably attainable goal which can be broken down into measurable steps. These steps can then serve as checks of accountability along the way. Within these steps one must have a specific plan for how they are going to reach the next check point and an idea of how long it should take to get there. This process may require some research and it is not something you can do in an hour. It is also a good idea to write it out in a simple way that makes sense. For More On This Process See PLAN TO PERFORM.

Perhaps just as important as the what and how of a successful resolution is the why. A well crafted resolution can only ever serve as the roadmap for the journey ahead. The reason why you chose to start and the cast iron determination to reach the destination are the things that will keep you moving when the road gets rough. Whatever the content of the resolution there absolutely must be a reason behind it. To find and recognize this reason may take an effort of self reflection. If you are having a hard time determining your true reason try asking yourself “When times get tough and I want to quit what is the one thing that will keep me going? What is this all for?” Then write it down and keep it somewhere you will find it when the time is right.

The third ingredient to success and possibly the most overlooked is luck. Let’s be honest, there are things in life that are beyond our control and no level of planning or world conquering determination change that. There is little you can do if your resolution is to run the Boston Marathon in 2020 and it gets cancelled due to international pandemic. With that said, luck and success favors the prepared and in many cases extra time spent working on your plan or rooting out your why can drastically reduce the amount of luck needed to be successful.

If you want to successfully tackle your New Years Resolution start with a well crafted and thought out resolution. Then, find a reason that will drive you beyond your own limits to achieve it. Hope for the best and get to work.