December 6, 2022

Providing the best for our athletes and their families is a major priority for us and this means giving our personal attention to every athlete in the training group. The best way we have found to do this is by keeping groups small and by leaving large gaps of time between sessions.

These policies are now serving us with added benefits during this time of social distancing. Our small personal groups are well adapted to creating distance between athletes. In our relatively large training area, we have more then 2000 square feet of training space and with less the ten athletes in a group there is a minimum of 200 square feet for every athlete. This is far more then the CDC recommended six feet of separation which would only represent around 113 square feet.

More important then our physical space is the space in time we leave between groups. These gaps allow us time to not only clean our equipment and other surfaces thoroughly but also to clean the air. Through a combination of natural ventilation by our air conditioning units and the use of an ozone generator. We can reliably remove a majority of the air in the building at the end of one session before the next session begins while also cleaning the the air that remains.

As a result of these measures, each new group arrives to a clean space ready for them to train. More importantly, the measures discussed here are not a temporary arrangement brought about by the presence of COVID-19. We are committed to taking care of everyone who steps through our doors now and into the future. Small training groups, ample time, and a fresh clean space will always be cornerstones of what we do.