January 13, 2023

As we all hurtle toward the beginning of a new school year, students and their caretakers alike begin to brace for the annual changes that come with its start. Schedules are upended and lives rearranged to make way for the new challenges that are to come. Along with all of these changes come added stress to nearly all involved, some tolerate it easier than others but nearly all will feel its weight. In some cases, this added weight can lead to injury in what might otherwise be considered menial athletic tasks unless adequate care is taken.

Incidence of injury in relation to the sudden increase of environmental, or life, stressors is something that has drawn considerable research in the past decade. As a reflection of this research it is now considered best practice to tailor an athletes training to the seasons of their life and account for such things as the winter holiday season, spring finals testing or in this case the start of a new school year. While manipulating the training schedule is a great first step to avoiding injuries perhaps the best defense against these stressors is self care.

Dialing in and maintaining proper sleep patterns and nutrition during these trying times can go along way toward riding out the storm in one piece. In advance of these seasonal changes we recommend monitoring your active sleep and nutrition habits and taking notes of anything which might be in need of improvements. Then implements these changes in your life and reap the benefits going forward. For more information on sleep habits and nutrition recommendations follow the links.