Let’s Walk About It

April 4, 2024

Written by Kaitlyn Hohimer

Joining a gym can be scary. As social media has become more popular over the years, gyms can sometimes be a place to shame others on the internet rather than support them. Many people are to nervous to go to the gym with the fear they will be ridiculed. So, many are left to workout at home but there is a great alternative to going to the gym daily and that is walking. Walking is by no means equivalent to lifting heavy weights but it is a low impact exercise that can help with one’s overall health. Studies have shown walking only 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

Walking may not sound like the most fun exercise but the way you do it can make it so much more fun. If you ask a friend to join you, now you have a community and an accountability partner to support you everyday to get up and go for a walk. If you have a dog, they would love to go on a 30 minute walk with you, it will give you time to bond with your pup and have fun.

There are also walking clubs that build larger communities of people that will walk around parks and greenways. They can help you to feel safe while walking in public and you can make a lot of new friends along the way! Listening to music is also something fun you can incorporate in your daily walking routine. Find the rhythm to each song and walk to that beat. A slow song would be a great start to a walk then start adding more fast paced songs to get your heart rate up and get more steps in! 

Walking is a great way to start forming better habits daily. Once you can get into the routine of walking at least 30 minutes a day you will begin to notice differences in your body. First, you will have more energy! When we move our bodies and work toward a goal it releases endorphins, which is the chemical that helps you feel happy! You will also begin to notice your leg muscles are becoming more toned and strong which may help you wear the shorts you haven’t worn in years. Your core will also become stronger; which will help with your overall posture. Finally, if you are walking consistently for a month, you may even see some change in your weight. 

Stop letting excuses hold you back from your goals toward fitness! Walking is a great starting point to begin your fitness journey and you may fall in love with it and want to do more in the future. A nice thing about walking is you can do it anywhere at any time with anyone and it can be a great way to help you destress at the end of the day or take time to listen to your favorite soundtrack. Do something for yourself each day that makes you feel better. Walking can be that for you!