Veteran Training in MURFREESBORO, TN

Customized Training to help you where you need it most.

One week of training - no pressure, no commitment, and so much More


Our nation would not be where it is today without the honorable service of those in uniform. Many veterans make sacrifices, during their service, and the weight of these sacrifices remains when they transition back to everyday life. With our training and support, we help you with the process of recovery from both physical and psychological burdens.

Acceptance of All Veterans

In many cases, the injuries, experiences and other aspects that come with service remain a burden as veterans make the transition to civilian life. This is where we come in, we have made a commitment to work with every veteran who seeks our help; no matter what the situation or the circumstance.

“This gym and the owner/fitness employees are amazing. I am an amputee, I am pretty athletic and consider myself somewhat fit but other gyms won't work with me due to they see me as a disability. Jacob the owner makes every time I come in a plan geared towards what my leg abilities are but also pushes me to excel in other areas. Since going there, I have felt better and slept so much better. So, if you're in the Middle Tennessee area check this place out you won't regret it!!!!”

- Stephanie D.

Support Our Veterans

To further lend a hand to our veterans, Corax Strength and Performance developed the Raven Initiative. A program curated to help provide life changing experiences to our local veterans with the support of our community.

The Raven Initiative