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When we opened in the fall of 2020, we were emerging from a Covid summer where we struggled hard to find something for our children to do that was fun, physically educational, and didn’t blow our budget. It was hard, as parents, looking around and not knowing what we could do, not feeling like we had any options.

This feeling is why we decided to develop a youth summer camp that would check all the boxes. It would be fun and engaging for the kids while challenging them physically. We teach the how and why behind activities that would stick—all without breaking the bank. We can relax knowing that this opportunity would benefit many community members.

The Kids Fitness summer camps in Murfreesboro, TN offer a unique and valuable experienc. In today's increasingly sedentary lifestyle, it is crucial to prioritize physical activity and healthy habits from an early age. These camps provide a structured and engaging environment where children can not only have fun but also develop their physical fitness and overall well-being.

Regular exercise has numerous benefits for children, including improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and coordination, enhanced mental focus, and boosted self-confidence. Kids can explore their interests, discover new talents, and learn essential skills like teamwork, perseverance, and goal setting. These camps also foster a sense of camaraderie and friendship, as children bond over shared experiences and challenges. By instilling a love for fitness and an active lifestyle at a young age, these camps help set the foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being.

Our fitness summer camps in Murfreesboro, TN also play a crucial role in addressing the growing concerns of childhood obesity and related health issues. With the rise of technology and screen time, children are spending more time indoors and engaging in sedentary activities, leading to a higher risk of obesity and its associated complications. These camps provide a much-needed opportunity for kids to unplug and engage in physical activities that promote a healthy weight and lifestyle. By participating in a fitness summer camp, children not only improve their physical health but also learn valuable lessons about nutrition, proper hydration, and self-care, empowering them to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.


2023 Summer Camps

Each camp consists of four days of two-hour training sessions where athletes will work on strength, agility, speed, and flexibility while practicing movement skills. It starts with a safe family culture where improvement and development are top priorities.

Camp Dates

June 12 - 15

$100 + Tax

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July 10 - 13

$100 + Tax

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*Classes are $100 + tax. All athletes are welcome as long as they are at least eight years old and willing to work.