January 13, 2023

Military fitness tests have seen an overhaul in recent years and this trend will likely continue into the future. With these changes, reaching the appropriate level of physical preparedness has now become a more demanding process. In the past, it was possible to work on your strength through exercises like pushups and lunges while also doing some extended running before reporting. The expectation was the rigors of basic training would help shore up any weaknesses. Though this path might still work for some, it has become increasingly important for the majority of enlistees to attain, at minimum, a base of physical training in order to be successful in basic training and beyond.

What will truly separate you from the rest of the pack will be your knowledge and experience when it comes to the new exercises now being included. For instance, exercises like the deadlift, which is now a part of the Army Combat Fitness Test, depend heavily on proper technique to be done safely. Those who can master that technique will be far more prepared to gain top marks in that part of the test.


Ultimately, it will be the enlistee with the experience and strength behind them when they come into testing who will have the best shot at achieving the highest possible score. The best way to gather these qualities is with help from either a qualified coach or other experienced individual. These support people should have the experience and education to teach the various techniques while also helping to develop the strength necessary to complete all of the required tasks.

We suggest you make the investment in finding a coach who can help you before attempting to tackle any military fitness test, especially if you are not certain of your abilities to succeed. If you are interested in having Corax Strength and Performance help you prepare for an upcoming fitness test or basic training please reach out to us here or check out our digital offerings through TrainHeroic.