January 13, 2023

Rarely, if ever, has any great empire or significant piece of art been completed solely in a day and the same goes for you and your journey to reach your fitness goals. Shaping the human body whether for performance, physique or daily function simply does not happen over night. Though you may quickly begin to feel physical results in strength, movement skills, flexibility, etc. concrete change takes a minimum of six weeks consistent training. When it comes to changing you it takes long term consistency to see measurable results.

As you begin to learn the movements and add weight to the exercises your body will naturally begin the adaptation process becoming stronger and more able with each added stimulus. Typically, once an individual starts training with us the first attribute to see improvement is their strength. Later, as training progresses muscle growth, respiratory capacity and speed also start to show actual improvements, in an order depending on the program. The one unifying factor of measurable improvement is time. The longer you spend consistently training at regular intervals the larger the measurable changes will be.

It is not unusual for an athlete to have trained consistently for thousands of hours over a number of years to become competitive in their sport at a high level. The same concept could be reasonably applied to general fitness as well. Staying strong and capable well beyond 65 is not something that needs to wait to start six weeks before your 65th birthday. This is not to say that starting training later in life can or should not be done but it is almost always easier to maintain strength and ability gained in youth than it is to develop those abilities as age becomes an obstacle.

After the first six to eight weeks of training, most people will show signs of improvement that are large enough to measure but it is the consistency that will bring long term results. Those who choose to spend their time and effort investing in their own health and abilities will reap the rewards as the months and years pass. Long term health and ability like athletic performance are not built in a day or couple of weeks and those who wish to chase these goals should start as soon as possible.

If you would like help chasing your fitness goals or if you would like a coach to work with online please reach out to us here and we will do our best to help you in the process.