A Safe Return to Sport

September 8, 2023

As the seasons change and we move toward the start of fall it is hard not to notice the changes that have happened since the beginning of the year. Many of us who are parents, athletes, coaches, etc. are looking at making a comeback from what has been an extended summer break. During this time, it is important that we take the right steps to avoid injury where possible and set ourselves up for success when the time comes.


The sooner you can get started the more time you will have on your side. It does not matter whether you are preparing for competition in the next three months, twelve months or beyond the more time you can give yourself to prepare the lower the chance of injury will be. When you are ready, start small and find out what you can do comfortably; then you will be ready to build upon your current abilities going forward.


Perhaps the easiest way to get injured is by taking things to far to fast. The body needs time to adapt to what your asking it to do and taking small consistent steps toward your goal is the safest way to make the changes you are looking for. If you can focus on small incremental improvements that work up to your goal you will have a much better chance of attaining that goal.


As with most things the most important thing you can do is be consistent.Repeated attempts in the right direction are steps in the right direction and even if all of them fail to live up to a certain standard, you are still moving forward. Get moving and don’t stop.